Michael Allen Gould and Jon Fixmer, two stand-out musicians from the Chicago area, teamed up during the summer of 2006 with the objective of creating a musical monster Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of. Inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Tool, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Queensryche; the two songwriters began their quest to put the pieces of their monster band together. Songs were written, graveyards were scavenged, and new limbs were attached. Finally, the switch was thrown and a powerful stream of electricity surged through the beast's convulsing body and brain. Shows were played and the monster's electric current blazed from the stage leaving fans dazed and out of breath to proclaim...

          "The Monster...Is Alive!"

"On first hearing I have to say that Spyderbone just crushed my skull on a wall of Marshall Amp’s and raped the remains!! I was really blown away with the level of musicianship these guys have brought to the mighty metal table"-Pagan Tordengrav (Demented Magazine) 


Recent News

New 5 Song EP is Finished! 

Work is completed on the new 5 song EP!!! Titles on the album include: "Wolves In The Temple", "The Lizard", "Bloodshot", "Your God"  and "Boiled In Lead"(live). This  Album is the last one recorded at Farview Studios in Saint Charles by Jason "Jay" Walsh as he has moved out to Las Vegas to become a famous sound man!!! We love Jay like a brother and wish him all the luck in the world in his future endeavors!! The front and back covers of the EP were created by the insanely talented Richard Dean!!! He incorporated all the themes of the songs masterfully into the artwork....as you can see above! We would also like to thank Sean McEvilly for helping us with the disc design!!! The EPs will be for sale at all upcoming Spyderbone shows along with new T-shirts and stickers! So...stay tuned brothas and sistas of Metal....things are gettin' good!!!! \m/\m/  

Spyderbone Is Recording! 

Spyderbone is happy to announce that work has officially begun on the new EP!!! 5 killer new songs are being worked on with the infamous Jay Walsh at  Farview Recording Studio! Things are rolling a long smoothly and are looking at a December/January release date! Stay tuned for further details!!!


Exciting things on the horizon for Spyderbone this summer! First of all, Spyderbone had a great show at the Blue Pig as part of the preshow for Days of the Doomed III-which was a huge success!! Thanks to Mercyful Mike and all the great peeps at the Blue Pig!! Future shows at Qbar with Habit of Force and Convoy, and at Ye Old Town Inn look to be very promising...and face melting of course!! As far as recording goes, the full length album has been scaled back to a 5 song EP. Recording the new EP starts in August with Jay Walsh of Farview Recording. If all goes as planned, the new Spyderbone EP will be released around Halloween time on a new label! We will keep you all posted! Rock on brothas and sistas!!

Happy Holidays!! 

Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood Spyderbone! A lot was accomplished in 2012 by the band, but 2013 looks to be more promising! Work will continue on the new album and some really cool shows coming your way in the new year! Starting in February with opening for THE SKULL at Bada Brew and then playing with Simple Simon and Sparkplug Assassins at the River Rockhouse! And later in the year-playing the pre-show for the third installment of "Days of the Doomed" in Wisconsin! Stick around for the ride-it's gonna be fun  Onward and upward brothers and sisters!

SPYDERBONE added to preshow for Days Of The Doomed 

To quote Mercyful Mike Smith (promoter of Days of the Doomed): "I’m also extremely happy to announce that Infernal Rock Radio will once again be sponsoring our Thursday night pre-show! Chicago’s SPYDERBONE is the first band to be announced for the pre-show, but others will be announced soon!"
This will be taking place on Thursday, June 20th-2013, just prior to the Doom Fest itself (which will be happening on Friday(21st) and Saturday(22nd) of June. This years Doom Fest is loaded with killer bands such as a reunited Penance, Victor Griffin's band "In-Graved", Pale Divine, Beezelfuzz, Argus, Earthen Grave and many others! Tickets go on sale 12/1/2012! Get them before the Fest sells out! Check out the "Days Of The Doomed" website for all the details!

Another Killer Review! 

Read another great review of some songs off of the live album: Bloodshot Live" by "Crimson Moon Webzine"

Read the full review:  http://crimsonmoonzine.com/spyderbone_review

Killer Review by Monolithic Heavy Metal Reviews!!! 

Chad Rojas of Monolithic Heavy Metal Reviews does a fantastic write up of the live album by Spyderbone: "Bloodshot Live". Here is a sampling of the review. Click on the link below to read the whole review! Rock on brothas and sistas of metal!!

"This is a very good live recording with nicely done production I might add, by a young, energetic, up and coming newer band. It's comprised mostly of eight emotion driven, mid-paced, simple and to the point, crunching hard rockin' Metal tracks. I can also tell the band spent some lengthy time, writing quality lyrics with important messages to spread to the masses. And for the most part, there are many solid offerings on this album, but I have my favorites!

The first one is the emotionally infectious opener "Your God", where the band charges forward with fiery conviction on every single note, including some great solid metal riffs from Fixmer, and strong vocals from Gould; who spits out gut wrenching, emotionally charged words of anger, toward terrorism across the world.

The second one, is the heart wrenching "Fire in the Sky", which is a tribute to all the men and women who tragically died in the world trade center on September 11th, 2001. This is a faster track that really let Fixmer show his chops on his axe. This song has a great opening guitar riff and Fixmer shines on this track with quick bursts and flourishes of notes during his solo break. This is one of the highlights of this record.

Then there is the very catchy Godsmack inspired, radio friendly title track, "Bloodshot". This song comes complete with great piercing vocals by Gould, a tight rhythm section provided by Mabrey and Scianna, and some truly gnarly, 80's inspired, totally bitchin and dirty guitar riffage by Fixmer. There is no striking guitar solo in this one either, just plenty of Fixmer's Crunching chords, to bang your fucking head to...Hell Yes.. This track could definitely be a hit if given to the right radio station in Chicago."

To read the rest of the review-click below!


Big News On The Way! 

So far 2012 has been a great year for Spyderbone! Some great shows have been played with the likes of Lynch, Veilside, Paragon, Sparkplug Assassins and Memoria! In between all these shows, Spyderbone had been writing new songs! Hoping to put out a full length studio album with some of the classics and a bunch of new stuff by late summer or early fall! Stay tuned... Soon we will reveal who will be producing it! It's going to be killer! Rock on brothas and sistas!

Spyderbone 2012 

Spyderbone would like to wish everybody Happy Holidays and thank everyone for their continued support! 2011 was a great year for the band, finally releasing "Bloodshot Live", and playing a bunch of killer shows with the likes of Anvil, Blackfinger, Deftones and Queensryche! 2012 promises to be even better for Spyderbone as shows are being booked, new material is being written and Vince Scianna has joined the band as our new bass player! Stay tuned and as always, Rock On!!!!

"Wolves In The Temple"(New)

"Bloodshot" by Spyderbone

Show Dates

SPYDERBONE Live at Cairo Bar for "Merry Metal Meltdown 5"

Cairo Bar, 2009 Franciscan Way, West Chicago, IL




Age limit: 21+